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I Kissed a Stingray

Located about 25 minutes by boat from Grand Cayman, within the barrier reef which surrounds the island, is a shallow sandbar of about 3-4 feet in the more shallow areas. It is believed, that fisherman cleaning their fish here over the years, attracted the southern stingrays that now populate the area.


We chose Cayman Eco Adventures for our tour. At about $65 per person, it is actually less expensive than some of the other places, but most importantly, they were respectful of the stingrays and treat them with kindness. Our guide even had names for some of the stingrays that he shared as the stingrays flocked to him. We saw other guides out in the ocean wrangling the stingrays and pulling starfish out of the water (which they do not like).

A group of stingrays is known as a fever. ❤️

My brother, Ian, has had a stuffed animal lovey from the time he was around a year old that is a stingray. We all fondly refer to him a Stingy. Stingy has traveled with us on every single family vacation and is very special to us. The entire family was thrilled to swim with stingrays...and then we got there.

It's a little overwhelming. These giant creatures with a sharp knife-like barb on their tails are not at all afraid of humans. They will swim right up to you, bump into you, and swim all around you. My mom couldn't stop squealing and ended up enjoying from the boat!

My brother calls them eagles of the sea. They soar along so gracefully, and they are so cute. The captain of our excursion explained that as long as you didn't run your hand along their tails, you would not get hurt. It was so amazing!!! We fed them out of the palms of our hands, and I even got the opportunity to kiss one.

Bucket list check: I kissed a stingray 💋

After time with the stingrays, we took a small trip out to the reef where we snorkeled among the colorful fish and even saw a crab.

Starfish Point

Finally, we stopped at Starfish Point. There were many people taking pictures with them, but our guide explained that the starfish only live for about 10 seconds out of the water and with so many people handling them, it is affecting their populations. So, we observed their cuteness from a mask and snorkel.

Did you know starfish have eyes? Check THIS out!!

If you do no other tour while in the Cayman Islands, you have to do this one! From kissing stingrays to snorkeling with crabs, this adventure is worth the time. If you are staying on the island, go in the afternoon to avoid the cruise ship rush.

Bon voyage!

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