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Lemon + Honey For Glowing Skin

Is your skin ready for a glow-up? With a mix of honey and lemon, your skin will be thanking you in no time.

Vitamin C works to even out pigmentation and boost your collagen levels in your skin as well as protect you from sun damage while honey balances out the bacteria in your skin, heals acne and blemishes, and it speeds up skin cells' healing process!

Fresh lemons with pink background

Step #0:

So, the first thing you're going to want to do is make sure your makeup free and ready to relax and grab a bowl because this can get a little messy:)

Step #1:

Grab a fresh lemon and cut into it horizontally. Remove any seeds you see because they can actually put micro-cuts in your skin that can lead to clogging your pores!

Honey and Lemon

Step #3:

Take one of the lemon halves and drizzle honey over it generously. Honey is full of amazing antioxidants that work to improve dry skin, redness, blemishes, and your overall skin health!

Step #4:

After you have drizzled the honey, take the lemon half and gently rub onto your skin using a circular motion (being careful to avoid your eyes). After there is no more honey left on the lemon to rub in, gently use your fingers to evenly distribute the honey on your skin for about a minute, then wash with water and pat dry. All clear!

Towel and flowers

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