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Marriott Grand Cayman

Pinterest worthy beverage stands, clear, perfect ocean temps, and a most amazing staff...the Marriott Grand Cayman is a must stay!

The Cayman Islands are composed of three islands tucked on the map between Cancun, Cuba, and Jamaica. On the main island of Grand Cayman on Seven Mile Beach, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, is the Marriott Grand Cayman.

Arriving at the Marriott we were greeting by a lovely drink and smiling faces. One of the highlights of this hotel are the staff!

The Beach and Pool

The beach in front of the hotel has rows of chairs and umbrellas the staff put in for you. We recommend you get to the towel area promptly when they open at 7 am and snag one of the chairs near the water. It's nice to relax and spend the morning watching the sun get higher and the beach get busier. You can walk just a bit down the beach if you want more privacy.

Mojitos on the beach! The mojito and gelato stands were Pinterest perfect and such a treat.

The beach and pool staff are amazing. They bring complimentary fruit and water throughout the day and make sure to check in regularly for any orders. Paddle-boarding is easier than it looks just don't let the wind take you out too far!

Another fun thing to do is snorkel out to the man-made reef that has been built just off the beach. Reef balls from the Reef Ball Foundation are being used in the Cayman Islands to prevent erosion and help save the natural coral reef habitats there. Bring some of your leftover dinner in small bag and watch the fish go crazy to get a bite.

There are also trampoline "rings" in the water for relaxing on and two floating decks. Get one of these in the late afternoon because it's an amazing place to get an unobstructed view of the famous Cayman Island sunsets!

Food and Drink

The Den in the front lobby has amazing coffee and crepes in the morning, although the line can get long. We recommend you head over to Cimboco for the $5 for 5 breakfast. A bargain in the Cayman's and great omelets.

You haven't lived until you've had nachos on the beach!

If you plan to stay at the hotel for dinner, the Veranda looks out over the beautiful Caribbean and has a great selection of sea food. The paella was amazing!

Although there was a photo shoot while in the Cayman Islands, I was happy I got to spend so much time enjoying this hotel and the island. The Marriott website directly has the best prices, and you can earn miles toward future purchases. Happy traveling!

A photo from my photo shoot with photographer Bryan Winters and Deep Blue Images.

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