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North Padre Island

If you're looking for a beach in Texas that's clean, friendly and right on the water, North Padre Island, Corpus Christi is the place to go.

My family and I have traditionally gone to Port Aransas when going to a Texas beach. Recently, we planned a last minute trip and with the busy weekend, we ended up at the Gulfstream Condos in North Padre island. We were pleasantly surprised by the clean sand with no seaweed, friendly people, and the beautiful ocean views.

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The Gulfstream Condos

The condos at the Gulfstream are not new and do show signs of wear and tear, but this charming beachfront property had a beautiful ocean view and some great amenities. There are outdoor grills for barbecue and a shuffle board area. The pool and hot tub areas were kept clean and there were beautiful palm trees and colorful tropical flowers. There is a boardwalk just outside the back with steps leading right onto the sandy beach.

We used Airbnb for our stay. The view was amazing. It was a corner room with a balcony on both sides. Although very windy during our stay, the view out of the floor to ceiling windows was stunning. If you're an early bird, you can see the sunrise over the water. During our stay, there were storms both nights and seeing the storm roll in and the lightening was breathtaking. To book the same room you can find it HERE.

Photo courtesy of our host Mark on Airbnb

The Beach

The beach on North Padre Island was one of the best I've experienced in Texas so far. There was no seaweed and the sand was powdery and deep. There was some trash, but with the constant flow of people, this is hard to avoid. One word of caution...there is driving allowed on the beach here. It's not bad during the day, but if you decide to go out to look at the crabs at night or to have a bonfire, please be careful of the cars. Definitely bring a tent or a beach umbrella with you and of course the sunscreen.

North Padre Island is a great getaway destination for a beautiful, well kept Texas beach. Many Texas beaches have seaweed, trash, and little to no sand. Without the long trek to South Padre, I highly recommend it. The people are friendly and the beach is beautiful. I look forward to my next visit!

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